Learn how to make extra money by working as a Promotional Model. Learn how to make money just by giving out flyers or giving away free samples, etc.. Not all models have to be 5'9" and thin. With promotional modeling, there is a job for people 18 - 60 years of age, all heights and all sizes. You just have to be friendly and enthusiastic.

This ebook goes into detail about the promotional modeling business and even gives you steps on how to get started or just boost your current promotional modeling career.

Some of the chapters in the ebook include:

*Requirements of a promotional model/talent
*Types of promotional jobs
*What happens on a promotional job
*How much money promotional models make
*How to apply for a promotional job
*How to find promotional jobs

This ebook gives you a lot of information and great advice on how to get started in the promotional modeling business or just make your current promotional modeling career even better.

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